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Jun 03 - Jun 17 - FULL
Jun 17 - Jul 01
Jul 06 - Jul 20

--> Cost for expedition:
$2650 PLUS airfare

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Give the gift of education to a child in Zambia!

Monthly sponsorships only $30!
Sponsor A Child

"For All Mankind"

"Worth of a Soul"

Kathy Headlee can cite you sobering statistics about the humanitarian crisis in AIDS-ravaged Zambia, where more than 1 million desperate children have been orphaned by the disease. See the Media section for related stories.

Can you imagine a world where millions of children roam the streets, scavenging for food and shelter?

Can you imagine what life must be like for children who face life in the streets alone, unprotected and unloved?

You don't have to imagine it because this is our world today.

In fact:

  • More than 36 million children under 15 are orphaned in Sub-Saharan Africa today.
  • Every 14 seconds, a child is orphaned as a result of AIDS.
  • It is feared that there may be more than 80 million orphans in India and Asia

Whether children are orphaned as a result of disease, poverty, violence or natural
disaster, the results are the same - children alone. Mothers Without Borders is committed to supporting programs that offer sustainable, long-term solutions to this global orphan crisis.